Home of Djet

Djet.xyz is a new Content Management System, CMS, witten in Perl and using PostgreSQL as its backend.

Perl offers a rich set of modules for modern development

  • Plack handles the request and offers lots of plugin facilities
  • Moose makes modern contructs easy. Also, by cutting down on unnecessary code execution, it actually helps performance tremendously
  • DBIx::Class adds all those small methods and modules that you need to handle data from a Database
  • Text::Xslate is an immensely powerful templating system. Yet it's very, very simple. And fast!
  • Web::Machine dechiphers the request and guides the system to return the correct response
PostgreSQL is by far the best Open Source Database there is. Djet uses some of the advanced features
  • An extension finds the node to use
  • Json columns store the data
  • Full-text search makes for fast and immediate searching. By immediate I mean that you don't have to update an external search index; when the data is recorded, it's searchable according to the rules for every node
Djet is still in alpha development. That means that the interfaces will probably change, that this site is being developed as well, that the code will be refactored in the future. Fair warning!